About Us

About TIRA

The Institute of Research and Analysis (TIRA) is a U.S. Headquartered big-data-analytics consulting firm, with offices in Zambia. Its vision statement is Data Driven Development. TIRA recognized the opportunity to make cents of data, that is, to make data work for its clients via value addition. We transform data into a Strategic Asset. TIRA has clients in the Private Sector, government and parastatals, associations, donors, cooperating partners and non-governmental organizations to deliver solutions that work. TIRA has strategic partnerships around the globe that support delivery of impacting results and high-quality outputs in research, process improvements, analyses and robust communication strategies.

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What we do-

At TIRA we are disrupting business-as-usual by empowering organizations to include data analysis and predictive analytics in any process—thus closing the loop between insight and action. We deliver game-changing expertise and robust communication strategies.

Our Approach-

Our approach is leveraging the skill and expertise of individuals; we bring together the best people to do the work, structuring our teams to enhance interaction. We blend efficient project management capabilities with a commitment to client service and rigorous quantitative analysis.

Because we believe that excellent ideas benefit our clients from our wealth of strategic partnerships, we collaborate across partnerships, and we encourage and recognize collaborations at all levels that contribute.

Our close ties with leading experts from academia, industry, and government ensure that clients have access to the people and innovative ideas that will make a difference in addressing their issues. The rigor we bring to bear means that our work, whether under the direction of our affiliated or internal experts, will meet the most exacting standards of quality in product and in the media.


Prep Data   Research and Analysis BI and Analytics Validate Solution M & E Financial 


Access, import and prepare data – specifically for predictive analytics Provide qualitative and quantitative research outputs Apply analytic techniques to your data to rapidly prototype predictive models


Measure, score & optimize model performance and efficiently validate the accuracy


Deliver and Monitor impacting solution Analyse and communicate

Financial results

A holistic communication strategy provides for the effectiveness of communication. We draft the strategy, content and orchestrate the dissemination.