About Us

The Institute of Research and Analysis (TIRA) is a U.S. headquartered big-data analytics consulting firm, with offices in Zambia. Its vision statement is Data Driven Development. TIRA recognized the opportunity to make cents of data, that is, to make data work for its clients via value addition. We transform data into a Strategic Asset.

TIRA has clients in the private and public sectors, donors, cooperating partners and non-governmental organizations to deliver solutions that work. TIRA has strategic partnerships around the globe that support delivery of impacting results and high-quality outputs in research, process improvements, analysis, and robust communication strategies.

Our Approach

At TIRA we are disrupting business-as-usual by empowering organizations to include data analysis and predictive analytics in any process—thus closing the loop between insight and action. We deliver game-changing expertise and robust communication strategies. Our approach is based on leveraging the skill and expertise; we bring together the best people to do the work, structuring our teams to enhance interaction. We blend efficient project management capabilities with a commitment to client service and rigorous quantitative analysis.

We collaborate across partnerships, and our clients benefit from our wealth of strategic partnerships. Our close ties with leading experts from academia, industry, and government ensure that clients have access to the people and innovative ideas that will make a difference in addressing their issues. The diligence we deliver means that our work, whether under the direction of our affiliated or internal experts, will meet the most exacting standards of quality in product and in the media.


Big Data Analytics

Drive innovation and solve challenges by embedding analytics in your organization and empowering your staff; transform your business and achieve new levels of success. We help you make data-driven analytic-based decisions the fuel that powers your organization, by 1. Data Gathering –Surveys, data cleansing and stratification 2. Data Analytics- Empower staff to drive better decisions across your organization 3. Data Solutions – Accelerate innovation and easily uncover hidden opportunities via data analytics.

Six Sigma Process Improvement

Consulting comes with expertise in mapping business problems to technical solutions that ensure business value attainment. At TIRA we combine the robust methodology of Six Sigma with data analytics and BI (business intelligence. The combination of Six Sigma, BI, and data analytics results in a dynamic and effective management tool.

Types of Analytics

TIRA has enhanced all its deliverables with access to 80,000 data sets and indicators from around the world and by use of analytics, such as;

  • Predictive Analytics: The use of big data to identify past patterns to predict outcomes, employs predictive modeling
  • Descriptive Analytics: User gains insight from historical data with reporting, scorecards, clustering etc..
  • Prescriptive Analytics: Recommends decisions using optimization, simulation, etc.
  • Decision Analytics: Supports human decisions with visual analytics that the user models to reflect reasoning.

Research, Analytics, and Strategy

Our research and analytics are based on customized research for our clients; using validated methodologies that deliver actionable findings. We have strategic partnerships with affiliated academic experts and provide comprehensive research, tailored to our clients’ specific business needs. Based on meticulous analytics, we provide strategic insights. Our work is supported by appropriate business models to help clients achieve growth and confront changing operating environments.

Whether clients are making long-term decisions to enter a new arena or re-positioning themselves within an existing sector, we help them gauge where the greatest future value can be captured.

About TIRA

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